Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 Month. 1 Novel. Dare me?

November is NaNoWriMo month. That awkward acronym stands for "National Novel Writing Month" and the challenge is this: write a 175 page novel (50,000 words!) by midnight on November 30th. I calculated that's about 6 pages a day! Yikes! But I'm trying to think of this as a 720 hour marathon of the fingertips and mind.

So, I think I'm going to do it. Or at least try it. I have nothing to lose, right? (Disclaimer: Friends & Family: Consider yourself warned. You might not hear from me for an entire month.)

Now the only thing I have to write is a novel. Maybe I'll go the Curtis Sittenfeld American Wife route and type out a thinkly veiled account of Sarah Palin's rise (and hopefully fall) in U.S. politics that ends with a disastrous debate against Joe Biden (fingers crossed).

Or I could write War, What Is It Good For?.

Well, if you have any ideas, send them over. A character you'd like to see come to life, a setting you're intruiged by, a pet you'd like to see reincarnated with wings. Whatever it is -- I'm open!

So... off I go. Wish me luck!


Poppy's sister said...

Go for it!
ideas: 30 days through the eyes of a New Yorker, with vignettes about strangers in passing [on the train, street]; co-workers; friendships with the corner grocer, etc. You have a sharp eye and grand sense of humor. It'll be fascinating and a story only YOU can tell!

Poppy's sister said...
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