Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why the Chuck Am I Watching Gossip Girl?

Watching last night's Gossip Girl season premiere was about as good as downing a whole bottle of Vitamin Water (it was impossible to miss that they they sponsored last night's episode) in under two minutes. You know how after you drink that sugar water too quickly you feel bloated, hyper, and about to vomit all at the same time? Well, at about 8:57 last night I was overcome with that post-vit H20 feeling and even today, I'm still reeling. 

Where did that hour of my life go? And, if I could somehow get it back, would I even change how I spent my time? Probably not. Something about watching Chuck sneer in a white suit and Serena van der Woodsen brood is absolutely captivating. 

I read recently that the average age of those who watch Gossip Girl is somewhere around 30, which isn't surprising since nearly all my friends tune in. But why? Why are we all drawn to our televisions like moths to a light every Monday night? I complain about the lackluster dialog, one-dimensional characters, and poor acting weekly, yet I return. 

Do I miss my days in high school? Doubtful, even when taking into consideration that I went to a private high school in NYC. Is it the clothes? Perhaps, but I'm not that fashion-conscious and couldn't afford those girls' wardrobes anyway. Maybe it's the blatant disregard for authority figures or a world without parents that's awash in fistfuls of greenbacks that go a long way? (Speaking of going a long way, or all the way as we used to call it back when I was a tot, these high schoolers are bordering on X-rated. Remember the tween and teen dramas of the 90's, like the original 90210, when it took Donna seven years to lose her virginity?)

So, please enlighten me. Why is it that successful, intelligent women who have families, a career, and a true understanding that life doesn't end after high school can't get enough? 

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Breadwig said...

It's a good thing I'm a recent 40 something I guess. All I'm hooked on are Barney Miller reruns.